Automate and Enforce the Configuration of Cloud Infrastructure Continuously at Scale

Are you evaluating whether to migrate applications to the cloud? Do you already have workloads in the cloud, and you need more compute instances and storage provisioned rapidly?

HashiCorp Terraform provisions your compute instances, storage, and networking while Puppet extends your infrastructure as code practices for infrastructure configuration and ongoing management at scale.

No Manual Configuration Necessary

Provision, configure, and maintain infrastructure without the pain of manual process.

Puppet and Terraform integrate in two key areas.

  • Terraform provisions infrastructure, and enables you to use Bolt to install, configure, and further maintain your infrastructure. With just a Terraform state file, you can easily target any nodes in your infrastructure and invoke Bolt actions with ease.
  • Manage Terraform or your Terraform-allocated resources with Puppet. Orchestrate the full CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) lifecycle of Terraform using Bolt’s built-in tasks and plans.

Manual process slows down organizations and increases the chance of exposure through misconfiguration. Combining Terraform and Puppet helps ensure things are configured according to policy from Day 0 to production and beyond.

Check out the Puppetlabs Terraform Module