Quality Infrastructure Delivery, Accelerated with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Eliminate siloes and drive value sooner with timely building, end-to-end testing, and faster deployment.

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Why Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise?

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise is an extension for Puppet Enterprise that enables DevOps workflows in your infrastructure-as-code environments. Teams can integrate source control repositories into their Puppet environment, enabling a new level of insight and agility to your environment.

Increased Agility and Faster Deployment

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise enables end-to-end automated testing and deployment of your Puppet code across your entire infrastructure. Empower your IT teams to confidently manage infrastructure at scale. Eliminate silos and help teams accelerate application deployment timeframes with a simple and prescriptive way to build, test, promote, and deploy infrastructure code to deliver changes faster and more reliably.

Deliver applications automatically screenshot

Deliver Applications Automatically

Push-button pipeline creation provides out-of-the-box best practice testing and deployment. Automate end-to-end development of Puppet code, modules, and Hiera. Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise includes support for popular source control systems.

Control your environment your way screenshot

Control Your Environment Your Way

Visualize change impacts prior to deployment and integrate change management to help teams work together. Prioritize the changes that make the most sense for your infrastructure’s needs – quickly review low-risk changes and enable additional scrutiny for high-risk changes.

Every change's effect screenshot

Know the Effect of Every Change Before You Make It

Every code deployment is a liability — unless you know ahead of time how it’ll change your systems. Impact Analysis with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise shows you the impact of every deployment — before you actually deploy any code – with a detailed record of how it’ll modify each impacted system. Detect issues sooner, build a robust pipeline, and deploy with confidence.

Enforce compliance and be ready for every audit screenshot

Enforce Compliance and Be Ready For Every Audit

Empower teams outside of the central IT organization to own and manage their own infrastructure automation without having to manage the tooling. Give federated teams the ability to own the authoring, validation, and delivery of the automation content for their service without blocking or being blocked by others.

Clearly See the Value of Puppet

With the Puppet Activity Report, it's never been easier to see and share how Puppet is contributing to critical business outcomes. You can understand how much overall time you’ve saved with automation + you can configure the report to show how much time was saved on individual tasks and plans.

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