Achieve and Maintain Compliance at Scale With Puppet Comply

Puppet Comply lets you identify your compliance issues automatically so you can remediate them with ease.


What is Puppet Comply?

Puppet Comply is an extension of Puppet Enterprise that enables continuous compliance monitoring across hybrid infrastructure. Achieve and maintain compliance in your environment with less overhead and manual work.

  • Get a holistic view of your organization’s compliance status throughout cloud and on-prem environments
  • Conduct regular scans to identify and remediate failures on a consistent basis
  • Enforce desired state policy as code with expert-built content and modules configured to your environment

Why Puppet Comply?

Puppet Comply is the enterprise-grade solution to IT compliance. It works with Puppet Enterprise to continuously enforce your desired state across your system configurations, making it easy to enforce enterprise-wide compliance in on-prem or hybrid cloud environments.

Image of Puppet Comply Screen

Take Action With Easy Module Installs

Compliance Enforcement Modules (CEM) are Puppet-supported policy-as-code modules that automatically enforce CIS and DISA STIG benchmarks, allowing you to quickly and easily stand up and maintain compliant IT infrastructure.

Learn more about Puppet Compliance Enforcement Modules >>

Image of Puppet Comply screen: Control Configuration Drift Before It Occurs

Control Configuration Drift Before It Occurs

Assign enforcement policies into node groups dynamically and at scale. With Puppet Comply, new systems automatically inherit compliant configurations and apply the appropriate settings to every system in your IT estate.

Image of Puppet's compliance Dashboard and Nodes screen

Get a Holistic View of Your Compliance Status

Conduct regular scans to quickly identify the cause and source of compliance issues. Node-level scan results allow you to find out exactly which settings and configurations you need to apply to stay in compliance.

Image of Puppet's Comply exceptions

Customizability to Meet the Needs of Your Organization

Compliance isn’t one size fits all. Define custom profiles and disable rules that aren't relevant to you. Create, track, and monitor compliance exceptions with the ability to apply end dates that automatically remediate known exceptions. 

Testimonials from Puppet Comply Users

"With Puppet, the automation drift correction at scale is huge for us ... It just happens on its own."

Kelly Evanson, Fusion Operate Cloud - Configuration leader at Finastra

"We can rely one hundred percent on our automation process."

Willi Buhler, Head of Application Technology at Interhyp

"We are automating the heck out of everything ... Having the right tools and capabilities, like Puppet, makes it possible."

Mithran Naiker, CTO at Transurban

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