What the ACSC Essential 8 Is 

The Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential Eight (or ACSC Essential 8) is a framework of eight IT security risk mitigation strategies required by the Australian government. 

The average cost of an Australian data breach is ~$4.3 million AUD ($2.9 million USD). That makes it the 11th most costly country in the world for cyberattacks.1

Why You Should Care About the ACSC Essential 8 

As of 2022, all Australian non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCCEs) must adhere to all eight security controls outlined in the ACSC Essential 8. Failure to prove compliance with the Essential Eight can leave organisations on the hook financially and legally. 

What You Get in This Download 

  • A description of the Essential Eight strategies
  • An explanation of how Puppet Enterprise helps organisations move toward compliance with Essential 8
  • Examples of how Puppet automation makes it easy to achieve, maintain, report on, and prove ACSC Essential 8 compliance for IT administration and operations teams

How Puppet Helps You Achieve ACSC Essential 8 Compliance 

Puppet’s compliance use cases include configuration management, app control, patching, app hardening, restricting privileges, backups, and more – all critical considerations of the ACSC Essential 8.

1Source: IBM, "Cost of a data breach 2022"