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Did you know that up to 39% of UK companies have suffered breaches in the last 12 months, costing UK enterprises an average of £13,400 per breach?  

Cyber Essentials (CE) are critical in keeping your organisation safe from breaches and compliant with the required annual certification. But how many hours per month are you and your team working on the key pieces of Cyber Essentials?  

Your time is valuable. It should be spent on strategic business initiatives – not just checking boxes. 

In our latest white paper, we’ll give you the tools to assess how automation can help save time and effort. We’ll also review each of the CE requirements to show the different areas that automation can help with: 

  • Secure configuration of firewalls 
  • Secure configuration of network 
  • User access control 
  • Malware protection 
  • Patch management