Hear from Puppet customers at Walmart, FINRA, Getty Images, Secure-24, Onyx Point, Codenvy and other companies as they talk about the transformation that Puppet brings about in system administrators’ lives and in IT’s ability to respond to the business, and move it forward — so it becomes “all puppies and rainbows.”

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Customers Interviewed

Brad Michlea, Codenvy

Sean Millichamp, Secure-24

Peter Magnaye, FINRA

Alex Harden, Veradigm

Trevor Vaughan, Onyx Point

Rob Nelson, Department of Defense

Dan Spurling, Getty Images

Martin Jackson, Walmart


Brad Michlea [0:06] Life before Puppet was tedious. It was frustrating.

[0:10] It was difficult.

[0:11] Life after Puppet has been simple, and it's been happier for everybody.

Sean Millichamp [0:16] Life before Puppet was kind of like the dark ages of system administration.

[0:20] You know, you didn't have a lot of really powerful ways to do things. It was all handcrafted and you had to go to an artisan to craft whatever you needed. There was no easy way to just acquire things at quantity. Life after Puppet is like the industrial revolution. It's the assembly line that you can just stamp out computers, and they don't all have to be the same color. You can vary them. There's flexibility, and you can just roll them right off the line.

Peter Magnaye[0:48] Life before Puppet was manual, error-prone, and the quality is not guaranteed. Life after Puppet was very transparent, transparent processes, transparent code, and we were able to respond to emerging business needs very quickly.

Alex Harden[1:06] Life before Puppet was manually deploying our servers, manually configuring them, hoping they stayed in compliance. Life after Puppet is being able to identify repetitive tasks, automate them, reduce the amount of time it takes us to configure things, reduce the amount of manual work we have to do, as well as ensure our systems are in compliance, and it keeps a lot of the headaches of of auditing away.

Trevor Vaughan[1:31] Before Puppet, you had a group of people who are managing systems however they wanted to. They were using shell scripts. They were using, you know, sometimes batch files, sometimes really crazy SSA loops.

[1:45] After Puppet, everyone had a consistent language that they could use to manage their systems wherever they were. They could manage them from a centralized point. They could get reporting. They knew that their systems were actually configured correctly. They had confidence in the systems when they went home at night.

[2:01] And really, they were just more confident in their system overall.

Rob Nelson [2:05] Life before Puppet is very tedious, tiresome. You're worried about what's gonna work, what's not, whether you have the little bit of knowledge that the person before you might have taken with them when they left. And it just adds up into this big ball stress that's sitting on your shoulders all day long every day. Once you have Puppet, life is much better. You can create that institutional knowledge in the Puppet code. It's all puppies and rainbows, and everything just makes sense. You're not worrying about whether or not somebody knows something, it's just there.

[2:39] And when you do get called at three in the morning, it's much rarer, but when it happens, you can find your way out of the hole much quicker.

Dan Spurling[2:47] Before Puppet, you would see people who would come in to make a change or see people come in to drive some new deployment, and there was a lot of - it was very nebulous. You you weren't able to find quickly how long this deployment would take or what might break or what might be impacted.

[3:02] After Puppet, those things that are very well controlled, very well defined using that immutable word that are very tightly managed, we're able to very easily say, "I'm gonna make this change, and I know what effect that's gonna have in the environment, and I know about how long it's gonna take me to deploy that through the normal test cycles up into production."

Martin Jackson[3:20] Life before Puppet was tedious.

[3:24] There were so many things that we had to do and we had to do them so many times There's a big problem with burnout in the IT industry, and that's one of the key reasons why. Because you keep, you know, you keep having the same thing over and over and over, and it doesn't seem like there's ever going to be an end to it. Life after Puppet is very fun.

[3:48] I mean, it brings fun back to server administration.