Six Steps to Building a Fast, Functional DevOps Team

We get it — initiating a new way of working at your organization (and uprooting existing processes) can be pretty daunting.

A graphic of a white paper by Puppet. Title: Getting Started with DevOps.

Especially when DevOps, as its core, requires breaking down silos throughout Dev and Ops, and fundamentally changing the way you view, plan and manage your infrastructure.

Yet, the payoff with DevOps is tremendous. DevOps will help you deploy code faster and more often, spot and fix errors sooner, and ultimately meet market demands and customer expectations better.

This ebook explores how you can bring development and IT operations together to create a streamlined system for software development and deployment.

Download the ebook and get:

  • Six steps to start your DevOps journey
  • Tips from DevOps experts at HP, Staples, and Yelp, among others
  • Case studies from companies that have benefited from DevOps