Security vulnerabilities and regulatory requirements are constant, and frequently changing expectations for compliance mean more work for IT teams. Automation helps IT operations teams harden their systems and become compliant, freeing up time and money.

A graphic of a white paper by Puppet. Title: How Automation Helps You Harden Your Systems and Become Compliant.

By downloading this whitepaper, you’ll learn how automation tools like Puppet:

  • Ensure consistency, compliance, and security — at scale.
  • Free you from the hassle of compliance.
  • Make preparing for compliance audits easier and faster.
  • Help you integrate better with your security team.

The Demands of Security and Regulation

When IT spends all their time addressing issues as they come up, that leaves less time for other critical functions and forces organizations to increase security and compliance budgets. As organizations grow, these issues are further exacerbated, threatening the ability to rapidly scale.

That’s why process and technology should be put in place to ensure that people in every corner of the organization understand and always adhere to security protocols — even as those protocols adapt and expand to meet changing needs.

The value of IT automation: IT teams don’t have to scramble every time there’s a security threat identified or a new regulation to follow.

Organizations can buck that trend by achieving continuous compliance through IT automation. IT automation enables a proactive approach to vulnerability remediation. System hardening and reducing risk ensures high compliance standards, and helps IT teams save organizations time and money.

The Benefits of IT Automation for Security

  • Define your infrastructure and policies as code, and you’ll be notified immediately when a configuration needs to be corrected.
  • Demonstrate compliance by showing auditors code that applies to and enforces specific requirements, and share automated reports.
  • Align security and IT operations teams. Policies are built into systems configuration, creating a common understanding of compliance.

How Puppet Helps

Puppet Enterprise enables you to both enforce the desired state of your configurations and automatically remediate any unexpected changes. It is a single platform that allows organizations to automate on demand and achieve ongoing compliance.

Learn more about how our automation technology can help your organization harden systems and become compliant by downloading the whitepaper.