Puppet research shows that value stream-oriented teams and platform teams that offer self-service capabilities are key to DevOps success at enterprise scale – the combination enables fast and predictable delivery while ensuring consistency, control, and auditability.

Success with this approach requires a product mindset, where continuous platform evolution is informed by collaborative organizational learning practices, and targets fulfillment of user needs.

This ebook shares the benefits of shared collaboration and self-service workflows, and highlights key integrations for Puppet and ServiceNow.

You’ll learn how:

  • Self-service automation increases speed and consistency, while eliminating risk
  • Automated deployments reduce incidents and ease troubleshooting
  • The Puppet integration with ServiceNow makes everyday tasks easy, reliable, and accurate

Download the free ebook to learn how self-service automation drives team velocity and business success and get the full benefits of using Puppet and ServiceNow together.