Puppet’s 2024 State of DevOps Report Continues a Special Focus on Platform Engineering:

  • How new developer approaches are supported by the platform engineering team
  • Unlocking the full potential of DevOps through standardized automation
  • Where security fits into platform engineering, with far-reaching benefits
  • How the most evolved platform engineering teams are succeeding today

Stronger DevOps Requires Efficiency, Speed, and Security

Since 2013, the goal of each annual State of DevOps report is simple: to better understand the people, processes, and trends that shape DevOps each year. In 2023, our focus shifted toward Platform Engineering’s role within DevOps — not as a trend that replaces DevOps, but one that works alongside DevOps goals.

By now, most organizations have had a platform team for 3-5 years, marking a new, more evolved phase of Platform Engineering.

The use case for platforms across functions is growing. Our 2024 report identifies the shared tactics that create a successful Platform Engineering approach. How can you use these insights to strengthen your security, support developers, and deliver efficiently? Download the free report today.