Simplify your infrastructure automation with Bolt.

Maintaining scripts across an assortment of PowerShell hosts can be difficult to manage and scale across teams. Bolt makes getting started with automation on Windows easy!

Bolt is an agentless, multi-platform automation tool that allows you to get started with infrastructure automation with no agent software or Puppet knowledge. Bolt is driven through a command line interface (CLI) and connects to remote systems via SSH and WinRM.

Register now to learn more about Bolt and how it can help simplify your infrastructure automation. Attend the webinar and you’ll have a chance to see how Bolt enables you to:

  • Run PowerShell code on platforms other than Windows
  • Drive the organization of code into tasks, which can then be orchestrated together as plans

We will also leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

Speakers: Ethan Brown, Principal Software Engineer, and James Pogran, Sr. Software Engineer