Since the pandemic began, organizations have massively shifted the way they work. This has pushed operations teams to adapt rapidly while ensuring businesses run smoothly and securely. Maintaining this delicate balance necessitates collaboration between security, information technology (IT), risk management, and compliance teams. 

That’s where fostering a culture of joint accountability becomes critical. There’s strength in numbers, and each team has a vested interest in maintaining compliance and protecting the organization from harm – but they are also at risk of being siloed. 

Hear from Alex Hin, senior manager of product, to find out how these teams can better partner cross-functionally and proactively, keeping your organization secure and compliant and unlocking more opportunities for innovation. Alex Hin has over 6 years of experience building vulnerability and compliance products. He leads Security and Compliance products at Puppet. 

At the end of the webinar, you’ll better understand how to:

  • Focus on shared solutions to ensure compliance and security while delivering products fast
  • Improve efficiency by enabling your team’s experts to focus on their highest-priority tasks
  • Leverage automation technology like Puppet to continuously maintain a desired state
  • Enforce that desired state automatically using policy as code
  • Use Puppet solutions to make these processes easy to build and enforce

Download the webinar recording now to achieve success with your security and compliance goals.

Want to learn even more about joint accountability? Download our ebook “Fostering a Culture of Joint Accountability for IT, Security, and Compliance Across an Organization” here.