Organizations can no longer afford to treat IT compliance as "security’s job”. The need for compliance and security awareness extends across an organization, and input from operations is essential to building an effective, efficient, audit-proof compliance strategy. While organizations are getting better at prioritizing security and compliance, IT teams aren't seeing the level of investment necessary to keep up with increasing threats and compliance expectations that change day to day.

But a lack of experience and deep institutional assumptions prevent ops from accessing the tools and knowledge they need to join the continuous compliance conversation.

This webinar (targeted at IT ops professionals, security teams, and business leaders) will...

  • Define the role of ops in ensuring compliance (and why they should care about a function that’s rarely in their job descriptions)
  • Explain the relationship between risk, compliance, and security and why they matter
  • Provide starting points for your ops teams to take part in the compliance conversation (without taking on more work)

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Puppet Comply
The cover of an ebook by Puppet. Text reads: Fostering a Culture of Joint Accountability for IT, Security, and Compliance across an organization

Get a demo of Puppet Comply or download our eBook, "Fostering a Culture of Joint Accountability for IT, Security, and Compliance," to learn more about best practices.



A profile headshot of Robin Tatam, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Puppet by Perforce

Robin Tatam

Senior Technical Marketer and Evangelist, Puppet by Perforce

Robin Tatam (CISM CPFA CTSP CTMA PCI-P) is a Senior Technical Marketer and Evangelist at Puppet by Perforce, where he promotes the benefits of managing compliance using Puppet. Prior to his role with Puppet, Robin worked as a Security Evangelist, and was a globally recognized SME and five-time IBM Champion. Robin also loves travel and cultural exploration, is an accomplished photographer, and considers himself an amateur mixologist.

Claire McDyre

Claire McDyre

Senior Product Manager, Puppet by Perforce

Claire McDyre is a Senior Product Manager working on Puppet’s Compliance and Security solutions. Claire has over eight years of experience helping customers to simplify their work lives using data and technology. Prior to Puppet, Claire spent several years working in both the private and public sectors guiding the delivery of varied software solutions, as well as leading process improvement and data analytics projects.

A headshot of David Sandilands of Puppet by Perforce taken in 2024.

David Sandilands

Principal Solutions Architect, Puppet by Perforce

David is a Principal Solutions Architect at Puppet by Perforce – in this role he focuses on product management of Puppets development ecosystem and integrations. Before this, he worked with Puppet’s largest and most complex customers to deliver automation at scale and support their DevOps working practices. He spent eight years at NatWest as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. David has a passion for delivering change into traditional working environments, breaking down team silos, and integrating DevOps working practices with heavily regulated and audited environments.