2021 marks the tenth anniversary of Puppet’s State of DevOps Report, the most widely referenced DevOps research in the industry. Hear from Nigel Kersten, Puppet’s Field CTO and Report co-author, and other industry experts to learn some of the key findings from this year’s research. Nigel works with many of Puppet’s largest customers on the cultural and organizational changes necessary for large-scale DevOps implementations and has been a key player since the report’s launch.

The webinar will provide a historical perspective on the last decade of research and the ways in which DevOps has evolved. We will specifically examine what has not changed and why so many organizations remain stuck in the middle stages of DevOps evolution — and cloud, for that matter. Plus, we’ll discuss the path out of the middle, the roles of self-service, platform teams, and automation, and what we can expect from the future state of DevOps.