IT is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping an organization secure, but teams are often left playing catch up. With ever-changing compliance regulations, the inability to automatically enforce security policies and effectively control tool sprawl, preparing for impending audits, and putting out the latest fires, it can be nearly impossible to keep up – let alone actually move forward with the projects and initiatives that matter most to your team.

But the answer to this problem might be simpler than you think. It all starts with taking a proactive approach.

Puppet can help reduce the strain and stress of IT security by giving teams the tools they need to proactively implement and enforce security policies, monitor and maintain compliance, and prevent security attacks before they occur.

Watch our webinar and explore how to:

  • Enable IT teams to take a proactive approach to security and compliance
  • Adopt a model of continuous compliance and automate that process
  • Support IT teams with continuous vulnerability management programs
  • Help IT teams maintain audit readiness