Managing cloud resources doesn’t need to be a sea of vendor-specific tools and a steep learning curve. Use the solution you already know to manage your infrastructure wherever it lives.

Extend your Puppet investment into your hybrid cloud! Automate resource creation and housekeeping tasks with easy, repeatable Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Watch the webinar recording for a demonstration on how Puppet, Bolt, and Puppetcode can work together to deploy and maintain your cloud infrastructure.

Watch the recording to learn how to:

  • Provision cloud resources: spin up identical resources for reliable, production-sized testing at a low cost
  • Manage resources across zones, clouds, and hybrid deployments
  • Orchestrate patching in non-service instances
  • Lift and shift your on-prem to the cloud using Puppet
  • Provision a compliant web server deployed in AWS and Azure in 4 minutes with Puppet and Terraform

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