Don't make security an afterthought.

If your organization is undergoing a DevOps transformation, you’re probably thinking about where security fits in. All too often, we tack on security testing at the end of the delivery process, which means significant problems go undetected until development is complete. As we adopt DevOps principles and practices, we enable a natural solution to this problem: ensure that security experts are involved throughout the delivery process.

In this webinar, and Puppet will define a reference implementation of DevOps from the ground up, by illustrating how the software delivery process evolves at a hypothetical startup. Once we’ve laid a technical foundation for DevOps, we will discuss the implications for security. We will discuss:

  • Benefits for and challenges to security during a DevOps transformation
  • How to craft a DevOps-ready security practice
  • Refinements of a standard DevOps workflow to address security needs

Webinar was held on 27 April 2017