Watch the on-demand webinar to explore the benefits of automating compliance.

The Ponemon Institute reports that “the average cost for organizations that experience non-compliance problems is $14.82 million, a 45% increase from 2011.”

Any organization faced with enforcing regulatory standards knows both the technical and business challenges of passing compliance audits.

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In this webinar, Puppet’s compliance experts Nadean Tanner, Senior Manager of Education, and Dr. Jonny Stewart, Principal Product Manager, use their combined 40 years of cybersecurity experience to explain how automation can help organizations overcome compliance hurdles.

Learn these five actions to pass your compliance audit:

  • Attitude
  • Evidence
  • Training
  • Credential management
  • Self audit

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Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart

Marine biologist turned technologist, Jonathan has held various technology roles in Product Management, Business Analysis, Engineering Management and Support. Jonathan has experience in various industries including tidal power, financial exchanges, banking markets, and more recently B2B software products.