July 20, 2022

How Autonomous Compliance Ensures Better Business Outcomes

Security & Compliance

A new report from IDC emphasizes just how critical autonomous compliance is for companies to ensure that their digital infrastructure environments are consistently hardened, resilient, and compliant. Let's dive deeper into autonomous compliance, and how it can help your organization. 

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What is Autonomous Compliance?

Autonomous compliance is a system that ensures that an organization stays in compliance without manual intervention to keep the organization secure and up-to-date.

Leaders who prioritize compliance optimize company efficiency while reducing risk. The IDC PeerScape report outlines the best practices of these leaders, who, by implementing autonomous compliance, better protect their businesses.

One of the companies featured is using Puppet Enterprise to centralize its on-prem configuration automation efforts, enforce a formal process that only promotes validated automation code, and create better automation resources for developers.

An Example of Autonomous Compliance

A Canadian financial services organization runs many of their most important workloads on 800 servers. They centralize their configuration automation efforts using Puppet Enterprise with Puppet Comply on their on-prem servers, which has reduced the time from request to delivery of a new on-premises server from two days to just 40 minutes.

The company used to have an ad hoc approach to implementing scripts. Now, using Puppet Enterprise, the organization has a formal process ensuring only credentialed users can make changes and that only validated automation code is promoted to production. By making these changes, they’ve increased operational efficiency and team satisfaction.

Adopting an “as a service” approach has also improved the relationship between operations and development teams, who together manage change control and have a shared standard process. These teams speak the same language – improving overall operation productivity and compliance.

The IDC PeerScape report lays out common organizational challenges and how Puppet and other companies are addressing them.
The IDC PeerScape report lays out common organizational challenges and how Puppet and other companies are addressing them.

More Insight on Autonomous Compliance

Read the full report to gain more insights on autonomous compliance, including:

  • Examples of organizational challenges with compliance
  • How peer companies have addressed those challenges
  • How Puppet tools can help your company achieve compliance

Download the IDC Peerscape Report: Practices for Autonomous Compliance to Enable Resilient Digital Infrastructure (Document number US48905922, published March 2022).

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