Jewelers Mutual Reduced Server Build Time from 6 Weeks to 1 Day with Puppet

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is an insurer and services provider in Neenah, Wisconsin, dedicated to insuring jewelry and the jewelry industry.

Benefits of Using Puppet:

From 6 weeks to 1 day

to build 30 servers

Consistency and compliance

across all environments

Increased productivity

and reduced need for headcount

Challenge: Manual Processes That Consumed Time and Resources

Jewelers Mutual needed to increase the speed and quality of application delivery in a reliable way without adding additional resourcing costs to manage environments. Processes like manually building 30 servers per environment took four to six weeks, slowing down the entire IT team.  

They were also allocating additional resources toward specialized talent to create infrastructure and then decommissioning it when no longer needed. They employed several people to fill quality assurance roles to test manually created environments — resulting in a huge expenditure over time.

The company worked with Puppet channel partner Zivra, a DevOps, cloud and IT agility consulting firm based in Chicago, to solve these challenges.

Solution: Efficiency, Consistency, and Speed with Puppet  

“We believe Puppet Enterprise is a best of breed solution for companies that are looking to automate their environments. It’s truly a solution that helps us offer the best service for our clients.” 
- Arthur Alvarez, Director of Sales and Marketing, Zivra

To achieve consistency across environments, Zivra and Jewelers Mutual created the Puppet configurations needed to support their applications. This collaboration helped Jewelers Mutual speed up automation and decrease the time to create an environment to under one day.

Puppet allowed IT to focus on tasks with higher business value compared to spending time on manually building, configuring, and testing environments. “We chose Puppet because whether you’re a developer or sysadmin, Puppet is intuitive and the learning curve is not steep,” said Jason Poquette, Senior DevOps manager for Jewelers Mutual.

See for yourself how Puppet can speed up delivery across your organization, all while keeping you secure and compliant. Try it today or request a demo with the Puppet team.