NTT DATA Reduced Project Build Stages by a Month with Puppet

NTT DATA supports companies and their people through advisory, implementation, and managed services. Trusted by leading companies worldwide, NTT DATA empowers organizations to modernize their Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP).

Benefits of Using Puppet:

Reliable replication

for cost-effectiveness

Saved one month

on every project initialization

Onboarded team

fast with Puppet’s easily readable language

Challenge: Costly, Time-Consuming Infrastructure Builds

NTT DATA Corporation's Platform Engineering Department drives infrastructure automation and promotes private cloud adoption within the company. They struggled with the time-consuming and costly task of creating infrastructure — a manual process which sometimes took one to two months due to required lengthy applications, verifications, and approvals. The team also included several non-technical stakeholders who needed to be able to review infrastructure changes and understand the impact of automation across the company.

To address these delays and meet the modern workplace demand for speed, NTT DATA started comparing different automation tools.

Solution: Effective and Repeatable Infrastructure

NTT DATA selected Puppet Enterprise from many automation platforms because of its readable language. Unlike competitors, Puppet's simple structure allows team members without deep programming knowledge to quickly understand its schemas. With many non-engineers influencing development at NTT DATA, having a low barrier to entry was crucial. Plus, Puppet Forge’s pre-built modules made the transition smoother, minimizing the initial development work.

After onboarding the team to Puppet Enterprise, NTT DATA was able to automate the configuration and management of servers, significantly reducing time, cost, and manual approval processes. Project initialization times were cut by over a month; they also eliminated human errors and boosted quality across their infrastructure. Automation also reliably replicated cycles of utilization, verification, and revision — all yielding high cost-effectiveness for NTT DATA.

See for yourself how Puppet can speed up delivery across your organization while maximizing your resources. Try it today or request a demo with the Puppet team.