How Greenwich University Solved Inconsistency and Slow Deployments by Using Puppet Enterprise

The University of Greenwich is a public university founded in 1890 and located in London, England known for its high quality of teaching and high-profile research discoveries. To prioritize both academic and operational outcomes, the IT ops team needed to efficiently manage resources at scale and eliminate time-consuming manual processes in its day-to-day IT operations.

Benefits of Using Puppet:

Automate system management for faster IT

Deploy infrastructure quickly and efficiently

Boost team productivity without increasing headcount

Challenge: Manual Configurations That Wasted Valuable Time

The University of Greenwich's IT department was slowed down by inefficient processes like manually building and maintaining servers. This critical team needed a way to dramatically accelerate application delivery, ensuring both speed and reliability for new and existing services. They also had to achieve this without adding to IT headcount to manage increasingly complex environments.

Solution: Consistent and Efficient IT Ops

The University of Greenwich replaced time-consuming manual tasks with Puppet Enterprise and began automating infrastructure and application delivery. This freed IT staff from the burden of manually building, configuring, testing, maintaining, and decommissioning environments. The shift away from time-consuming and error-prone manual work allowed them to focus on projects with higher business value.

Puppet Enterprise's impact goes beyond freeing up time — it delivers faster and more consistent infrastructure.  

The University of Greenwich partnered with WM Promus, a DevOps consultant, to implement Puppet Enterprise. WM Promus built the infrastructure, set up automation processes, and trained IT staff. This collaboration significantly boosted automation and reduced environment creation time to under a day.

The efficiency boost from Puppet Enterprise extended to system management, making IT operations teams significantly faster. Puppet’s intuitive and user-friendly interface led to increased productivity across all IT teams. The introduction of version control for infrastructure code tracks changes for enhanced collaboration among those separate teams

See for yourself how Puppet can speed up delivery across your organization while maximizing your resources. Try it today or request a demo with the Puppet team.