Tagging nodes

Tagging nodes allows you to group and run tasks on tagged nodes according to criteria that you define.

Tags are key/value pairs you can assign to nodes in order to identify and group them in different ways. You can then run tasks against nodes grouped by whatever criteria you set (e.g. operating system, physical location, environment etc.).

The Tags column on the Nodes page table contains information on the tags assigned to a particular node. Mouse over the tag icon for more information on the tags assigned to any node.

Note: Tags are only usable after a discovery run is completed.

Where can I assign tags?

Important: Tags can be assigned to one or more accessible nodes. If Remediate does not have the credentials to access a node, it cannot be tagged.

Tags can assigned in the following places:

  • Any Node Details page.
  • Any of the Nodes pages accessible from the Resources dashboard.
  • The Vulnerable Nodes page accessible from the Metrics bar on the Resources dashboard.
  • Any Vulnerability Details page.

Imported tags

You can also elect to import tags that are assigned to nodes by Qualys and Tenable.io by selecting the Import Tags option when adding them as a source. Imported tags keys have the imported_ prefix. Imported tags cannot be edited or deleted via the Remediate UI.