Get Expert CentOS Support for Your Infrastructure

CentOS 7 community support ends June 30, 2024. Without a migration plan, your CentOS infrastructure will be left vulnerable and unsupported. OpenLogic, part of the Perforce family of solutions, offers expert CentOS support and services to keep your infrastructure secure while you plan your migration.

  • Keep using CentOS 7 after EOL so you can migrate on your schedule
  • OpenLogic’s unbiased Linux experts can help you choose and migrate to the right alternative  
  • Fill out the form to learn how to get free technical support until CentOS 7 EOL and early access to OpenLogic’s private patch repo 

Buy Yourself Time

Extend migration for 5 years past CentOS community EOL

  • Private access to CVE patches
  • Stay compliant and stable
  • Custom vulnerability reviews  

Ask the Tough Questions

Every ticket is handled by enterprise architects

  • Zero escalations!
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Guaranteed SLAs
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Find the Right CentOS Alternative

Unbiased advice from Linux experts

  • Migration options
  • Navigate OSS decisions
  • Infrastructure evaluation  

Set Your Own Migration Deadline with OpenLogic by Perforce

With long-term CentOS support from OpenLogic, you can focus on your migration plan without worrying about what’s going to happen to your CentOS infrastructure in the meantime. 

  • Mitigate risk and meet compliance with post-EOL security patches and support through 2029
  • Reduce time to resolve technical issues and increase your existing team’s productivity
  • Test connectivity and upgrades with Day 1 access to OpenLogic’s private patch repo
  • Unbiased advice for evaluating and choosing a CentOS alternative
  • Technical support before, during, and after your migration
  • Guaranteed SLAs and 24/7 support for all major open-source Linux distributions
  • Tier 3 expert help, from configuration to unpatched CVEs 

Claim Your Free CentOS Support from OpenLogic

Get free technical support until June 30, 2024

Gain early access to private CentOS repository

Set up connections to repository and conduct early testing

Assure your stakeholders you are secure beyond EOL

Who is OpenLogic by Perforce?

OpenLogic, part of the Perforce family of solutions, has navigated disruption in the open source industry for 20+ years. They know from experience that the best way to navigate EOL software is to keep organizations running on their current versioning until they’re ready to migrate. 

  • We believe the reason enterprises choose open source is for freedom of choice, and we stand by your right to best Linux distro organization.
  • OpenLogic is unbiased and supports hundreds of technologies, including all major Linux distributions. 


"OpenLogic's EOL/long-term support maintenance capabilities are crucial to our Linux deployments."

-Operations Director

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