Enterprise-Level Support for Windows Environments

Are manual processes and custom scripts slowing your team down? Is maintaining consistency across your Microsoft Windows environments a constant struggle, stopping you from adopting modern technologies and practices?

Delivering value to customers quickly requires streamlined processes. Imagine automating your entire infrastructure, from initial server provisioning to application deployment, both on-premises and in the cloud. That's the power of Puppet Enterprise.

Puppet Enterprise empowers you to manage your infrastructure as code. This means treating your infrastructure configurations just like any other code project, allowing you to embrace DevOps practices. Puppet's code-based approach can help you achieve:

Improved Speed: Automate repetitive tasks to free your team to focus on innovation. Rapidly provision servers, configure software, and deploy applications, all through code.
Enhanced Scale: Easily manage a growing number of Windows servers without sacrificing consistency. Puppet scales effortlessly to meet your infrastructure demands.
Unwavering Reliability: Eliminate human error by codifying your desired state configuration. Puppet ensures your infrastructure remains consistent and reliable across your entire Windows environment.

1,000+ Modules for Streamlined Automation

We understand the importance of simplifying Windows infrastructure automation.  That's why we offer a rich ecosystem of modules through the Puppet Forge. With over a thousand free modules specifically designed for Windows, you won't waste time reinventing the wheel. These modules cover a wide range of tasks, from managing users and groups to configuring services and applications.

For added peace of mind, Puppet Enterprise also provides supported modules. These modules undergo rigorous testing and receive ongoing maintenance, ensuring long-term stability and full support from Puppet.

Many Teams, One Language

Puppet's human-readable configuration language bridges the gap between previously siloed teams. Network, security, and application teams can collaborate seamlessly on changes affecting compute and network resources. Infrastructure as code allows changes to be written, reviewed, tested, and deployed in a unified manner. Say goodbye to complex coordination efforts and lengthy communication channels.

With Puppet, a single tool unifies change management processes and provides comprehensive deployment monitoring across your entire organization. This centralized approach dramatically improves IT performance. As highlighted in our annual State of DevOps report, managing infrastructure as code is a critical piece of high-performing IT teams.

Integrated DSC Resources

Puppet takes Windows automation a step further by integrating with Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources. DSC provides powerful hooks into the Windows operating system, offering a straightforward approach to configuration management. You can leverage any PowerShell DSC Resource from the PowerShell Gallery directly within your Puppet code, treating them just like native Puppet resources.

This combined power gives you unparalleled control over your Windows infrastructure, allowing you to automate even the most complex configurations.

Ready to Learn More?

Explore the vast collection of hundreds of Windows-specific modules available on the Puppet Forge. With Puppet Enterprise, automate your Windows infrastructure and empower your team to deliver value faster.