Enterprise-Level Support for Windows Environments

Are manual processes and custom scripts dragging your team’s productivity down? Are you struggling to keep your Microsoft Windows environments consistent and adopt modern technologies and practices?

If you’re trying to deliver value to customers faster while keeping up with a relentless rate of change, you need to automate your infrastructure all the way through — from initial provisioning through application deployment, both on premises and in the cloud. Puppet Enterprise lets you manage your infrastructure as code so you can adopt DevOps practices, improving the speed, scale, and reliability of your systems.

1,000+ Modules of Support

We continue to invest in helping our customers automate their Windows infrastructure and move to the cloud. With more than a thousand modules supporting Windows available for free download from the Puppet Forge, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to automate critical tasks and services. For Puppet Enterprise customers who want extra assurance, we also offer supported modules, which are rigorously tested, maintained for long term use, and fully supported by Puppet.

Many Teams, One Language

Puppet’s human-readable configuration language lets previously siloed teams collaborate on changes that span compute and network resources. Because Puppet implements infrastructure as code, those cross-team changes can be written, reviewed, tested, and deployed in concert. Say goodbye to multiple teams coordinating their separate deployments through tickets and lengthy conference calls.

When you have a single tool to unify change management processes and monitor deployments across multiple teams, you dramatically increase IT performance. We learned years ago in the 2017 State of DevOps report that the most important factors for achieving high IT performance depend on managing infrastructure as code.

Integrated DSC Resource Support

DSC resources offer unprecedented hooks into the Windows operating system and provide straightforward configuration functionality. And you can use any PowerShell DSC Resource from the PowerShell Gallery right in your Puppet code like any other native resource.

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