VMware Automation: Accelerate Application Delivery with Self-Service Provisioning

By combining Puppet and vRealize or Cloud Assembly, you fully automate self-service provisioning of applications and the ongoing maintenance of VMs.

The integration of Puppet Enterprise with vRealize Automation and Cloud Assembly enables you to create blueprint templates for virtual machines using the intuitive graphical user interface in vRealize and then trigger Puppet Enterprise to configure virtual machines and continually enforce the desired state. This enables a service catalog to instantly deliver fully configured applications to developers who request virtual infrastructure. Learn how developers are now one click away from production-ready infrastructure.

Ensure Compliance Policies

Possibly your VMs are compliant to standards when they are initially provisioned, but how long do they remain in that state? Puppet Enterprise continuously ensures compliance by automating the orchestration and ongoing enforcement of the desired state of distributed applications and global infrastructure. Puppet offers a single source of truth on the state of the VM at any point in time and ensures consistency in the server maintenance with full automation of the updating process.

Puppet also supports the enforcement of security rules for compliance within an organization’s Standard Operating Environment. With Puppet Enterprise, you can keep visibility into provisioned apps and manage day 2 and beyond while maintaining compliance, monitoring drift and keeping them updated. Try it now.

Manage Hybrid Environments

Make workloads portable across your on-premises environments to VMware Cloud on AWS. IT teams can take control of their infrastructure, whether it’s in their data center or the cloud.

Click the image below to watch a webinar on using Puppet + VMware to collect facts, keep your CMDBs up to date, and drive server configuration:


vRealize with Puppet Enterprise enables the deployment and self-service provisioning of complex application suites by standardizing, streamlining, and automating the releases for multi-tier applications into production environments. This integrated solution works from within a single interface, vRealize. This allows IT administrators to seamlessly deploy Puppet agents into newly created server nodes and manage the deployment from a single screen.

Secure Your vSphere-Based Applications

Designed for security professionals, VMware AppDefense™ uniquely protects applications running on VMware vSphere-based® virtualized and cloud environments. Puppet Enterprise integrated with AppDefense enables security professionals to easily collaborate with operations teams to make security a priority within the application development cycle, making applications more resilient to attacks and enabling DevOps practices to extend to security teams.

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