What do OS migration, replatforming applications, and moving to the cloud all have in common? They all need accurate data.

Just gathering that data can be a time-consuming, error prone, and manually intensive process. And once you have it – all those disparate facts about OS, hardware, network interfaces, file systems, and packages (let alone working in multi-cloud or hybrid) – you need to pull it all into the same format before it can be consumed.

Check Out the Puppet VMware Integration for Provisioning, Security + More

Integrate VMWare  with Puppet

This webinar will cover how Puppet Enterprise provides simple, extensible, and automatically updated data about each server in your fleet, and how to overcome common pain points in multi-platform, multi-OS data collection:

  • Need to know something that isn't already captured? We'll show you how to deploy custom collectors.
  • Frequent changes and siloes making it hard to keep your CMDB up to date? We’ll walk you through a process to keep it automatically populated with accurate CIs.
  • Then, we’ll show how you can use all that slick, orderly data to drive your server configuration, whether you’re deployed on-prem, in the cloud(s), or in between.
Tony Green

Tony Green

Sales Engineering Manager, Puppet by Perforce

Tony has been a UNIX systems administrator for over 30 years, in those times servers weren't pets, they were more like children. His goal has always been to automate himself into obsolescence and Puppet is the tool he's using to make that happen. Tony has worked in the finance, telecommunications and media industries, where he helped develop people, tools and services. He  developed the [os_patching] Puppet module, which is now part of Puppet Enterprise.  He is now leading Puppet's Sales Engineering teams in Australia and Singapore.