CIS Benchmark

CIS Benchmarks are peer-reviewed cybersecurity standards recognized around the world. Organizations in APAC regions like Singapore often use them to improve their enterprise system hardening practices.

This informational document outlines the use case for CIS Benchmarks in APAC organizations and how they’re used to improve security, automate tasks, and streamline compliance audits.    

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In this document, you’ll learn: 

  • What CIS Benchmarks are and who creates them
  • Why CIS Benchmarks are specifically helpful for organizations in Singapore and other countries in the APAC region
  • Examples of real Singapore organizations who lost valuable time, business, and reputation by not meeting common IT security standards
  • How CIS Benchmarks help organizations establish, meet, and prove compliance across public and private sectors
  • How to use CIS Benchmarks to ensure security without sacrificing innovation
  • A case study showing how the largest bank in Southeast Asia used Puppet to build its security protocol