A Decade of the State of DevOps

In ten years, nearly 40,000 technical professionals from around the world have contributed to the State of DevOps body of research, the longest-running and most widely referenced DevOps research in the industry. To celebrate a decade, we invited an illustrious group of DevOps experts to respond to the data and provide recommendations for companies seeking to evolve their DevOps practices.

The State of DevOps is Stuck in the Middle

This year, we discovered that the vast majority of organizations remain stuck in mid-level DevOps evolution and divided the middle into three distinct categories. We set out to explore the blockers preventing these mid-evolution organizations from advancing and made many fascinating discoveries along the way.

State of DevOps 2021 Chart: Adoption
State of DevOps 2021 Chart: Resistance vs. Promotion

Highly Evolved Firms Benefit from Top-Down Enablement

Fewer than 2% of high-evolution organizations report resistance to DevOps from the executive level. While only 3% of mid-evolution organizations report resistance, half (30%) as many in that cohort report that DevOps is actively promoted compared to 60% of high-evolution organizations.

Higher DevOps Evolution Enables Cloud Automation

Highly evolved organizations use the cloud better and are far more likely to have implemented extensive and pervasive automation.

While 65% of mid-evolution organizations report using public cloud, only 20% of them are using cloud to its full potential compared to 57% of high-evolution organizations.

Highly evolved firms are far more likely to have implemented extensive and pervasive automation.

2021 State of DevOps Report: Evolution Chart

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