Innovation and risk often go hand in hand – nowhere more than in software development. Spinning up new resources lets you work faster and bigger, but it’s almost always accompanied by risky oversights and manual configuration errors (like default settings, insecure permissions, and outdated software).

Misconfiguration is one of the biggest sources of infrastructure security risk – and one of the most preventable.

Join Puppet community lead Ben Ford and cybersecurity and compliance evangelist Robin Tatam for a showcase of Puppet Compliance Enforcement, now available to all Puppet users for the first time (including Open Source Puppet). They share stories from their vast experiences and explain how Puppet Compliance Enforcement quickly automates and enforces secure configurations across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure to protect data from dangerous misconfiguration.

Key takeaways:

  • Case studies on the risk of misconfiguration
  • How compliant configurations add up to system security hardening
  • How Puppet Compliance Enforcement works to keep systems secure and compliant with minimal manual effort
  • Examples of how Puppet helps throughout the stages of a cybersecurity event

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A profile headshot of Robin Tatam, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Puppet by Perforce

Robin Tatam

Senior Technical Marketer and Evangelist, Puppet by Perforce

Robin Tatam (CISM CPFA CTSP CTMA PCI-P) is a Senior Technical Marketer and Evangelist at Puppet by Perforce, where he promotes the benefits of managing compliance using Puppet. Prior to his role with Puppet, Robin worked as a Security Evangelist, and was a globally recognized SME and five-time IBM Champion. Robin also loves travel and cultural exploration, is an accomplished photographer, and considers himself an amateur mixologist.

Ben Ford

Ben Ford

Community Lead & Developer Advocate, Puppet by Perforce

Community lead and developer advocate at Puppet; I get to build neat things -and- talk to people! \o/ I've been in the tech industry in one way or another since the late 90's doing everything from devops before devops was a thing at a tiny security startup, to forensics investigations, to maintaining a compute cluster for a computational anthropology department at an American university and teaching the grad students how to write distributed Java code to run on it.I run marathons in those funny finger shoes and my social engagement is primarily at