March 19, 2024

The State of DevOps Report 2024: The Evolution of Platform Engineering is Live – Get Your Copy Now

Platform Engineering

Puppet's 2024 State of DevOps Report: Platform Engineering Edition is now available for free download!

Click the link below to claim your copy now.


Read on for more about the focus of this year’s report, the voices you’ll see represented in it, and how to get your hands on a copy.

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Why Focus on Platform Engineering with the State of DevOps Report?

Since 2012, Puppet has conducted an annual survey that has included data from over 40,000 respondents and generated key content to support our annual DevOps report

When we first started the report, DevOps was a small movement. Now, it’s a billion-dollar industry and many jobs revolve around the practice. We’ve always enjoyed exploring new, emerging topics within the space.

So in 2023, we explored something different: platform engineering.

In last year's report, we settled on a definition of platform engineering and found that platforms were helping teams break through roadblocks on the path to DevOps success.

With this year's report, we wanted to move beyond the "what" and into the "how" – a boots-on-the-ground look at the tactics at play in platforms and how they pay off for organizations using them.

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What We Asked Survey Takers This Year

To build data for the 2024 State of Platform Engineering report, we asked questions like:

  • What roles do security and compliance play in shaping a platform engineering team’s dynamic?
  • Is there a particular category of tools that really supports a platform engineering team? 
  • How are today’s platform engineering teams measuring success
  • What is the background and skillset of product managers on the platform team? 
  • How much are organizations spending on building and maintaining their platform? 
  • What’s the right level of investment for platform success? 

From different roles within DevOps, across different industries, this report is for anyone who wants to see how platform engineering is shaping the future of DevOps. 

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A Few Key Takeaways from the 2024 State of Platform Engineering Report

Some insights we gained from the 2024 survey include: 

  • The benefits of platform engineering are numerous and increasing, from increased productivity and software quality to cost savings and faster security.
  • The majority of platforms have reached what we're calling 'maturity,' with 70% of respondents saying their platforms are at least 3 years old. (10% claimed their platform is more than 10 years old.)
  • Devs and leadership are often on two different pages when it comes to platform adoption: "While senior management often champions investment in Platform Engineering, not all developers feel the same way."
  • Security is at the ground level of most platforms. 70% of respondents said security was built right into their platform from the start.
  • Organizations are still under-investing in product management skills on their platform teams. 52% of respondents think a product manager is "crucial" to the success of a platform team. (Another 21% called it "nice to have.")
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Download the Report for Even More

The 2024 State of DevOps Report: Platform Engineering Edition is available now. Get your copy today to find statistics and strategies that can enable better platform engineering for your DevOps organization, along with insights and recommendations from the Puppet team.


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Meet the Authors of the 2024 State of DevOps Report 

That’s us😊! We are super excited to join in this amazing body of work. Both of us have a deep interest in platform engineering and have worked in the DevOps and product development space for some time. Here’s a bit about us, our career background, and what excites us about this report.


A headshot of David Sandilands of Puppet by Perforce taken in 2024.

Hi, I’m David Sandilands, Principal Solutions Architect at Puppet by Perforce

I focus on the product management of Puppet’s development ecosystem and integrations. This includes management of the Forge, supported modules, Puppet Developer Kit and integrations such as ServiceNow and Splunk. Before this, I worked with Puppet’s largest customers delivering infrastructure automation at scale and supporting these customers adopting DevOps working practices like platform engineering.

I’m passionate about using platform engineering to deliver change into traditional working environments, break down team silos, and integrate DevOps working practices within heavily regulated and audited environments. I am a keen hillwalker (Munroist number: 3085), enjoy sci-fi and fantasy books, and regularly visits most of Scotland's tractor parks with my wife and two sons.

Hi, I’m Margaret Lee, Manager of Product Management at Puppet by Perforce

A profile headshot of Margaret Lee, Manager of Product Management

I am a product leader at Puppet by Perforce. I have always worked to give a voice to the Puppet user base and be an advocate for customer needs. I leverage my cross-team experience to identify the challenges Puppet customers face and find solutions that ensure DevOps success. I have had a primary focus of learning how the industry is changing as platform engineering continues to gain momentum and helping customers understand how they can leverage platform engineering to meet their business goals. 

I love helping customers know how they can optimize what they are doing to drive business and professional value. When I’m not researching the latest trends in DevOps and platform engineering, I can be found at the beach or a park with my almost 1-year-old daughter and husband.


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