With the current financial reality, organizations are required to reassess the value of their IT operations. Whether your corporate strategy is focused on moving to the cloud or maintaining on-premises infrastructure (or both), the leading business drivers are clear: Make it faster, cheaper, and automated for quicker time-to-value.

When the promise of cloud (efficiency, cost, collaboration) met with reality (scalability, security, and skill gaps), the shine started to wear off the silver lining. Now, many organizations find themselves stuck in limbo, with broad, complex, expensive infrastructure spread across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid – and lacking the expertise to bring it all back together.

In 2023, organizations face ballooning costs and tanking efficiency for their hybrid cloud deployment, especially at scale. The costs of IT operations only tell part of the story: Administration, ownership, and management now take at least twice as many teams and tools to provision and enforce.

In this goal-driven webinar, Tzvika Shahaf, director of product management for Puppet, will:

  • Examine the trends that drive IT operational challenges in 2023
  • Identify pain points and roadblocks to efficient operations across deployments
  • Offer solutions to help business leaders realize the original promise of hybrid cloud
  • Highlight specifically how IT automation bridges gaps for managing operations across platforms
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Image Tzvika Shahaf Headshot

Tzvika Shahaf

Senior Director of Product Management, Puppet

Tzvika Shahaf is a Senior Director of Product Management at Puppet, the market-leading IT operation solution offering platform automation based on configuration management and compliance enforcement. Tzvika is a DevOps veteran with a background in continuous testing & traceability, defined by IDC research as one of the most innovative solutions in the testing intelligence market. Tzvika works with leading Fortune 500 global enterprises to optimize their continuous platform automation and DevOps maturity.