Infrastructure management is integral to any organization’s cloud strategy. The struggles IT ops teams face on the ground – like consistency, reliability, and security – tend to keep the benefits of cloud deployment just out of reach for most organizations. Across industries and regions, enterprise organizations choose Puppet to get the most from their cloud infrastructure – and realize the reasons they moved to the cloud in the first place.

When multinational insurance giant Willis Towers Watson (WTW) and AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world, started facing those challenges in their cloud infrastructure, they turned to Puppet to manage it and set the stage for growth, operational efficiency, security, and sustainable digital transformation. This webinar will share their real-world case studies of Puppet being used to build and manage cloud infrastructure, from provisioning and configuration management to scaling and compliance.

Main points:

  • How WTW and AB InBev use Puppet Enterprise to overcome cloud challenges and streamline provisioning, patching, configuration management, and scaling
  • The ways Puppet enables faster, more foolproof digital transformation using cloud resources
  • The value of standardizing infrastructure across vendors, private, and hybrid (including multi-cloud setups)
  • New operational opportunities these three organizations uncovered using Puppet in the cloud
  • A real-time demonstration of Puppet’s cloud infrastructure management capabilities

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Stephen k potter

Stephen K. Potter

Senior Manager of Sales Engineering, Puppet by Perforce

Stephen K. Potter directs highly skilled teams at Puppet to build intelligent technology platforms that accelerate the sales process. Decades of experience in the technology sector have helped him hone his expertise in the automation, security, compliance, and cloud spaces. Stephen uses his deep institutional knowledge to lead the creation, development, and optimization of processes that meet the needs of modern business and deliver Puppet solutions faster.