Your DevOps tools are probably fine. How your team uses them... that's where there’s room for improvement. In fact, making sure your team is getting the most out of their existing tools could mean the difference between a successful DevOps initiative and one that stalls out. To get past that hump, you need to ditch the tools-first approach and instill a fresh mentality in your DevOps team.

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2023 State of DevOps Report mockup

David Sandilands, Principal Solutions Architect at Puppet, will showcase a standard framework that prioritizes developer confidence, enhances visibility, and improves the DevOps experience in your organization – rather than always relying on new tools to fix old problems. After this topical webinar for leaders and practitioners alike, you’ll be able to identify the true source of your core DevOps issues, long before problems begin.

Key points covered in this webinar:

  • Signs your DevOps is struggling
  • Defining the “crawl > walk > run” process for users of your DevOps tools
  • Questions ops should be asking about how they spend the bulk of their time
  • Tips for IT ops leaders to make space for improvement on their teams
A headshot of David Sandilands of Puppet by Perforce taken in 2024.

David Sandilands

Principal Solutions Architect

David Sandilands is a principal solutions architect.